About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains


Prospero   is on a new learning curve, hopefully shorter than it is steep. So all we can ask for is a little more patience while we catch up with a mountain of backlog – plus earning a living, sort of.


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  Phil Henshaw wrote @

I think Prospero should meet my cartoon character Evoidiot… and maybe my learning curve work on my site…
Evo Idiot, a smart and muscle bound young dreamer, is lazily lying in a sunny meadow after a good meal and happens to notice a great granite cliff at some distance off to his side. He begins to think and think and sees it as a challenge to him and his superior powers…. So, runs at it with all his might, and being swelled with pride the challenge fills him with energy, so he runs at it even harder. Then he whacks into it and bounces off, feeling tremendous pain and a little dazed at the apparent loss of all his powers, but starts laughing and laughing because he finally knows what life is, so he gets up and starts running at the cliff again, filled with new energy. This time when he hits the wall it also throws him back but knocks him out completely. He doesn’t wake till it is dark and as he groans his way back to consciousness the looming wall in the moonlight starts to leer at him again… This time he is REALLY going to knock down that offending granite wall, and so he musters his energy for the assault just one more time. As he races at wall the 3rd time he begins to feel a little sick in his stomach, breaks his stride, stumbles to a halt just a foot away from it and gritting his teeth just intensely glares at it. Then, without quite realizing… etc…


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