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butano.jpgWe received an e-mail this morning about someone who answered a knock on the door from a ‘gas man’ yesterday. As she has no gas, she asked to see her contract and the man disappeared rather quickly. This is a very old scam, where someone comes round saying they have to inspect the gas installation. If they’re allowed in, they will say that all the orange tubing has to be changed – at an exorbitant price. The tubing is available very much more cheaply at the ferretería (ironmonger) or any of the butano places in town and easily changed. The tubing has an expiry date printed on it, so it is best to keep it up to date; also, there are certain regulations about maximum lengths, etc.

However, if you do have gas and the person shows proper credentials from Repsol or Cepsa, the only two companies that sell domestic butane bombonas, then it is advisable to let them do the work although you’re not obliged to.

Be warned. Chances are they will ‘attack’ expats with little or no Spanish…

Further to the above, and posted on December 13th: We saw three men in gray and orange uniforms rushing about yesterday, knocking on doors. The symbol they have on their ‘uniforms’ do not belong to either of the companies mentioned above.



  johnnypeepers wrote @

I don’t need a gas man, I eat beans for breakfast.

  jimenaprospero wrote @

No comment on johnnypeepers’ comment.
But I will add that the men in gray mentioned in the article were seen entering someone’s home (with permission) and getting stuff out of their car to do something inside, presumably.
The scam is not whether they do the work or not, but whether it is worth paying over the top for it.

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