About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains


They began trickling into the village at about 7 pm. The trickle turned into a flood, at first headed for a ride to San Pablo through Estación and Jimena.
On their return they headed for the Barrio Alto (top of the village),
where they concentrated, very tightly indeed, into the street.
The noise was horrific, but the fun was evident.
Onlookers hung from balconies and windows to watch, from where they got…
… a bird’s eye view of the proceedings, which included a lot of chat, eating and drinking (most of it non-alcoholic, it must be said), provided by sponsors all along the street. In fact, the organizers, local association ‘Los Murgas‘, had over 100 local sponsors for the event.
Scheduled at 9, and starting on the dot, came a trail bike demonstration that had everyone gasping not just from the dust and fumes, but also thanks to the daring young riders.

And there the bikes lurked, hot and cooling, revving and resting, down at the sports pavillion.

Old(er) and young, young and old, came out to play. They had fun…
…and good food…
…with raffles and prizes galore…
…and live music (Los Arkayatas) ’til dawn.
(We didn’t stay for the striptease show. Must be getting old)
(can anyone see the need for a better camera?)
Prospero comment: That last remark is true. Prospero doesn’t know anything about motorbikes, never had one – unless you count a Lambretta scooter at age 14 – and doesn’t particularly want one. But he does know good organization, no, excellent organization when he sees it. He also knows a good feeling when he senses it: only a couple of merely unpleasant incidents were reported (and these involving local lads without a bike between them) and everyone’s enjoyment was patent on faces all around. Everything went according to schedule and plans – except the number of bikes that turned out: they’d expected about 250 and 350 came along, some from as far away as Cordoba. In fact, Prospero puts forward the notion that ‘Los Murgas’ should organize the music festival.
There can be no better final comment than that which came from a veteran (expat) biker: “This would never happen in England; they get pissed and obnoxious. This is truly amazing! It’s great!” And then one hears that nothing ever happens in Jimena!

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